New brand tool by Endeavour links brands and influencers via brand personality

Influencer Marketing has become a strategic spearhead for many brands. However, influencer brand matching ‘methods’ are outdated. So, John Meulemans (Endeavour) and Norbert Mirani (brand strategist) introduce a contemporary tool for brand builders, with validated matching; the Influencer Brand Radar.

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Endeavour has been applying Influencer Marketing strategically since 2010. In doing so, leading cases and research are closely followed in order to optimally match services to market needs. Four facts were overriding to build and launch the Influencer Brand Radar (IBR):

- The budget for influencer marketing increases annually

- Brand building and brand personality as a market standard are high on the agenda

- Influencers are used more strategically, so the importance of good matches increases

- No tools to validate a proper brand link

After a presentation at Endeavour, Meulemans (founder 3sixtyfive, now responsible for the influencer proposition) and Mirani got into a conversation about the importance of matching. If working with the right influencers is a vital factor to succeed, why is there no good tool to achieve a sound brand fit?

Many tools go no further than so-called 'vanity metrics' like engagement, fanbase size and with luck demographics and interest. About personality or character traits, no tool provided insight. Hence, Meulemans and Mirani decided to develop a new independent approach to influencer matching.

With brands continuously using influencers as ambassadors, the importance of the right match has increased considerably. This is also the reason we do not manage influencers ourselves, so we can always look for the best choice and avoid the well-known cigar from our own box. The Influencer Brand Radar adds another dimension - validation by the target group.  John Meulemans, Strategy Director Endeavour

Using personality is a solid key

The Influencer Brand Radar makes use of brand personality to find proper matches. To arrive at validated influencer matches, each brand works with a representative panel. Human characteristics create the emotional connections brands are built upon and become consolidated in memory. This is precisely why many brands annually investigate their position versus competitors using brand personality. Brand position directs how to communicate with customers. Personality also plays a big role for influencers in building their fan base. As a result personality provides a key to linking brands and influencers.

Endeavour is familiar with Jung's model of 12 archetypes. That is only used as a recognizable stepping stone. It is unrealistic to assume that the world can be pigeonholed. That is not in line with the complexity of reality. Therefore, a contemporary different approach was chosen. Brand personality is measured and matched with the personality of influencers. Once mapped, brands can develop a campaign or program with the right influencers and make validated content choices. It is even possible to match music styles e.g. festivals or tunes for commercials, that fit your brand. Sports, DJs and celebrities are also possible.

More than influencer matching

Furthermore, the Influencer Brand Radar can be used to find out how brands are perceived. The audience perspective is carefully compiled using dozens of personality traits. On top of audience-validated influencer matching, positioning against other brands can be mapped. Thanks to the additional features, Endeavour thus offers a unique package including qualitative research and content guidelines. In short, with this leap forward, Endeavour offers the total solution for positioning, competitive analysis, content policy and matching as a basis for consistent brand management.

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